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Indian Health Card

One Year Membership at only Rs. 1900

About Indian Health Card

Some things in life can be put off. Fortunately, quality health care doesn't have to be one of them. Indian Health Card (IHC) brings to you Preventive Health Care at an affordable cost for you and your loves ones. There are no denials from the fact that “Prevention is better than cure” and considering the high cost of the treatment today it is anyday wise to be alert and have your health checked up on regular intervals and stay healthy; and all this without a hold in your pocket.

We have aggregated one of the largest networks of Medical Practitioners, Labs, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Ambulance Services and other related services spread across India for you and your family. With Indian Health Card, you get well negotiated health treatments with due diligent service fueled with our mission of “Making Good Health Affordable”. So, take a step ahead and subscribe Indian Health Card program suited to you and improve your chances of staying healthy. Preventive Health Card programs have been quite popular outside India and has a vast scope in India to spread better health care services across India. Below are few of its salient features.

  1. You will find best doctors and labs practicing independently enrolled under IHC
  2. All our network health care service providers offer you highly subsidized fee than they usually charge
  3. Evidently making good health affordable for everyone

News updates

  • 07


    Launch of Toll Free Helpline
    Indian Health Card has launched its Toll Free number today.
  • 05


    Launch of short code IHC 56070
    For the convenience of our members and health care providers, we have launched the short code IHC on 56070. You may now contact us by just sending \"IHC\" to 56070 and one of our executive will contact you to assist you.
  • 31


    Launch of beta version of website of
    We are happy to launch the Beta version of

Health Tips

Tips for Problem free Skin in Monsoon

1. To keep your skin healthy in the monsoon season, avoid spicy, oily and sour foods.nn2. Eat fresh and unprocessed food to keep your body and your skin functioning at an optimum level.nn3. You should avoid alcohol-based skin cleansers because it irritates and dries your skin.nn4. It is beneficial to use the herbs that have cooling effects on the body (pitta pacifying) such as fennel, coriander seeds and Indian gooseberry (amla) for a glowing skin in monsoon.

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  • Indian Health Card Provides good health at affordable price.
  • Thanks for making Good Health Affordable.
  • Thanks for helping me IHC. Satisfied with the services provided by you.

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